Habanera kvartet
Kvartet Srbija

A highly skilled acoustic string quartet

Habanera Quartet is a highly acclaimed and one of the most sought-after string quartets, renowned and engaged not only in Serbia and the surrounding region but also internationally.


Over the course of its 16-year history, the group has delivered numerous successful and memorable performances at various concerts, festivals and celebrations.


Their videos have been viewed more than 350 thousand times on YouTube.


These four ladies render popular music pieces through powerful and effective arrangements written for them by professional composers and arrangers.


The Quartet’s versatile performances can serve as either delightful background music or the main attraction for a celebration or event.

Watch the video from the celebratory promotion of our latest music video!

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Music for celebrations

Habanera Electric is an electric string quartet from Belgrade, Serbia.

Emerging from the acoustic Habanera Quartet, this electric quartet has already made a name for itself with impressive performances both domestically and internationally, all within just two years since its formation.

Habanera Electric is a project that owes its inception to the support of the American company NS DESIGN, a renowned producer of electric string instruments.


This quartet performs a diverse repertoire of popular hits, timeless classics, and captivating film music, all accompanied by innovative matrices. Their versatile performances make them a perfect fit for events both in Serbia and abroad. Looking to add a touch of excitement and sophistication to your otherwise monotonous corporate celebrations? Habanera Electric is a popular music choice among companies for their corporate celebrations. Grand opening or ceremonial closing of a festival? This performance is sure to elevate any important occasion to new heights.

Habanera Electric
Habanera Electric String Quartet

Our team

Nina Birač

Nina Birač



Šerin Radeski

Šerin Radeski



Miljana Praščević

Miljana Praščević



Milica Grujić

Milica Grujić



Our projects

Habanera Quartet and Ventartly Production are proud to present their latest concert “Rhapsody”.

In addition to the quartet, this project also features a host of other talented collaborators:

Vocal Soloists



Vocal ensemble

Companies for which we’ve performed

Our numerous satisfied clients can attest to the fact that a quartet with a high level of expertise is the perfect choice for any celebration. As a result, a wide array of contented clients have placed their trust in us:

  • Gebruder Weiss
  • KWS Srbija
  • Trust Consult Group
  • Privredna komora Vojvodine
  • Microsoft
  • Buro Serbia
  • Alterna International
  • Opera & Theatre Madlenianum
  • Ada Mall
  • Kopaonik Business forum
  • Moore Srbija
  • Coca Cola
  • SAGA
Habanera - Šerin Radeski
  • Delhaize
  • Samsung
  • TC Galerija
  • Siemens
  • Josif Pančić
  • Generali
  • Belgrade Waterfront
  • Francusko-srpska privredna komora
  • Nemačko-srpska privredna komora
  • SANU
  • Rottary Club
  • Elle
Milica Grujić

"The quartet is our oasis of music, love, friendship and energy, which we selflessly share with one another, and which is further transmitted to our audience."