Habanera Electric

We're excited to bring something new to the market!

Electric string quartet Habanera Electric, a one-of-a-kind experience, is our new project that combines the sound power of a band with a both visually and auditory mesmerizing performance of modern hits on electric instruments.

This electric quartet has already recorded numerous performances at festivals all over the country and abroad. Their concerts leave an impression on the audience with their originality, and among which are the concert at the Hyatt Hotel for the Bel Hospice organization, the concert at the Sava river quay, the performance at the Crossover festival, performances for the companies Gebruder Weiss, KWS Serbia, Generali, Jahorina Business Forum

Habanera Electric offers a one-of-a-kind performance that is sure to make all your events unforgettable, with its powerful sound and modern arrangements of both old and new music pieces. “We started this project with a clear vision and with the support of a fantastic American company that produces electric string instruments called NS DESIGN.”

Habanera Electric

Step outside the box. Play with new ideas and give them wings.

The effect, the passion, the energy of the Habanera Electric quartet!

Our aim was to bring a unique sound and effect to the market, performing at festivals, events such as corporate celebrations, promotions. We wanted to give each of these events a stamp of style, modern trends, combined with the unsurpassed sound of string instruments, only this time plugged into electricity.

Check out our photos from past performances here!