About Us

“The most perfect expression of human behavior is a string quartet” – Jeffrey Tate

Four different ideas like lines cross and form a new one, common, true and only valued that results in a sound that this ensemble makes special. We were guided dreams and their realization. And so the music which we’ve been growing up carried into our oasis, quartet “Habanera”.

Always “the living rock” we’ve carried to the wires of fine, melodic instrument, the violin, the folk tunes of local folk we’ve woven into the groove of the cello and timeless pop hits were given new shape. The most important thing in our waking dream is emotion that we experience playing together and that we give generously.

To the newlyweds , on their weddings we are the choice for their most important day and for the first dance. Companies such as Siemens, NIS, Ernst&Young, Namics, Superlab, Beton. com and many others enrich their musical events and celebrations with our music quartet, as well as Military Academy, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Fedis Festival, Flower Festival, Belgrade Wine Salon... A months-long contract at the ocean liner has enriched our repertoire of music from different parts of the world.
Fifteen years of existence speaks for us. And so our love for this “job” is the initiator of new ideas for further development and improvement. 

“A good quartet is like a good conversation among  friends interacting to each other’s ideas”

  • Nina Birač is a violinist of the Habanera quartet. You can see all about her emotions from the look in her eyes and hear everything she is when she starts playing.

  • Say hello to our dear violinist Šerin Radeski! She owes her exotic look to her Syrian origin. And believe me, that fantastic mix of Serbia and Syria can be heard in her playing, as well.

  • This is Marta Petrović, a viola player in Habanera quartet or our “absolute pitch”! Her ear can’t miss a thing!

  • Meet our cellist Milica Grujić! Don’t mess with her because, besides she has a big instrument, she knows how to be a boss.